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Grease – Script Youth Musical Theatre

Highbury Theatre

Monday 4th July 2022 – Dress Rehearsal

By Nigel Gambles

Photography – Nigel Gambles Photography

We all know Grease we’ve all seen the film with Danny, Sandy T-Birds and Pink Ladies. Script Youth are and will be performing it in style and you will be “Hopelessly Devoted To It”

So off we go to Rydell High where the students are returning after summer break . Danny leader of the T-Birds meets up with the rest of the gang and reminisces about his summer on the beach and the girl he met, played by Ollie Roberts. He captures the strutting tough guy leader to perfection his vocals are strong and he sings with confidence and passion. Meanwhile Sandy played by Erin Moony is a school newcomer and is introduced to the Pink Ladies and she also tells of her summer romance while being put down by Rizzo, more about her in a while. This brings us to the duet “Summer Lovin” Erin plays Sandy  with a shy naivety  her voice lovely crisp and tuneful.

Back to Rizzo played by Evie Rice. Evie was made for the role playing it with such style and class. She could be a clone of Stockard Channing (played Rizzo in the movie) as she turns the lesser known “There Are Worse Things I could Do” into a hands down show stopper. I think we have a future star in the making here.

The rest of the cast play their roles with passion and commitment bringing energy to the dance sequences and power to the group vocals indeed “Hand Jive” is just that and encourages audience participation, so you better brush up on your hand jive.

Louise Farmers production of the show is excellent you feel her passion and commitment shine through. The cast show this in their polished and slick delivery. Full credit must also be given to the costumes makeup and backstage crew.

This is a youth production, but you would not think so from the quality and maturity of the performances. Its a first class show and you will need to be like “Greased Lightning ” to get your tickets as Im sure this is going to be hugely popular.

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