What’s On In My Town was established in May 2012 by Paul Taylor, originally set up in Epsom, Surrey in order to keep people informed of local events and provide support to local businesses.

The group took off almost overnight and very quickly grew to be the largest established social media site in the area.

Shortly after this, it became apparent that businesses and community groups from outside the area were desperate to use the platform so other pages were created to bring the same benefits to other towns.

The ethos behind the group remains the same and each social media page or website only focuses on helping people within the locality of the groups.

Advertising is kept to a minimum and is a huge asset to local economics, giving a large platform for local people to promote themselves without the need for extortionate marketing budgets.

Community remains at the heart of the pages and charities / not for profit organisations are welcome to promote through us as often as they wish.

We give local businesses the opportunity to promote job vacancies for free (unless they are a recruitment agency), and encourage the sharing of community events.

We are linked closely with media communications at the local council and emergency services and strive to bring you news as fast as we can. We do not operate a 24 hour site though, our community work and news feeds are unpaid!

First and foremost though, we love what we do and if we can help you in any way possible, please get in touch.

If you like to get in touch contact us at [email protected]

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