The Opposite Sex – Lichfield Players

The Opposite Sex – Lichfield Players

Lichfield Garrick Studio

Tuesday 17th July 2024 – Opening Night

By Nigel Gambles

Disclaimer: Gifted tickets in exchange for an honest review.

Lichfield Players latest production is a side-splitting adult comedy staged at Lichfield Garrick Theatre Studio.

The Opposite Sex, by David Tristram, revolves around the pasts of couples Mark and Vicky and Judith and Eric which come crashing back to haunt them. It soon transpires that Mark, played by Dickie Bannister-Lowe, and Judith, played by Niamh Mahon, share a past when Judith, an Avon lady, unexpectedly turns up at his and Vicky’s home.

The play revolves around a dinner party between the two couples, a meeting which could have made for a pleasant social evening, but once misfortune takes a hand it is not long before what should have been a social evening, turns into a social nightmare. The the air soon becomes thick with insults, black eyes and broken chins. Mark and Eric take an instant dislike to each other and deliver some cutting insults whilst Vicky, who believes a cheap bottle of wine has been bought by Mark when it was in fact Judith, creates even more tension. Tempers really start to fray when Eric begins insulting Judith in front of Mark, which makes him seethe with anger at the way she is treated by her husband.

As in all good farces the audience know exactly what is going on long before the characters which adds to the hilarious denouement.

A Pandora’s box unfolds, that once opened does not want to be closed, and the plot must run its hilarious course to its inevitable ending. This show has high production values complimented by an excellent set. Newcomer Lee Williams puts in a strong performance as Eric, and Sarah Stanley is consistent throughout as Vicky. Under the capable direction of Maureen George there are terrific performances by all four actors whose comic timing certainly paid off. This adult domestic comedy had the opening night audience in stitches from start to finish

Calendar Girls – Lichfield Operatic Society ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Calendar Girls – Lichfield Operatic Society

Lichfield Garrick

Tuesday 2nd July 2024 – Opening Night

By Nigel Gambles

Disclaimer: Gifted tickets in exchange for an honest review.

In the Yorkshire village of Knapely live an extraordinary group of women. Wives, mothers, members of the local WI…not so extraordinary you might say. But every woman has a story to tell…right?

Calendar Girls written by Tim Firth, with music and lyrics by Gary Barlow gives a heart-warming and realistic glimpse into the true-life ladies who, in order to raise money for a hospital waiting room couch, raised enough money for an entire wing by posing naked for a calendar. Yes – you heard right! The ladies of the WI, those jam makers, and cake bakers, and knitters get their baps and bums out and it is cracking!

The curtains open on what I can only describe as a friendly set with rolling green hills, a blue sky and the sun blaring down on the pastoral scene – this is Yorkshire!. Some of the most poignant moments are played out centre stage with a stunning twilight lighting, using simple spot for emphasis. Coupled together, with the the stage! It is a specially-erected rotating stage, so that characters walk in to the middle of the stage and are ‘twirled’ round by the rotating mechanism. Act 1 takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster, as the motivation for the nudie calendar is presented. Absolute respect to all of the ladies who disrobe in this production – the ’reveals’ as each member of the WI ladies has their photographs taken by highly-embarrassed hospital porter Lawrence (Jon Barakat) are extremely funny, and got some of the biggest laughs of the night, a massive well done to the female cast members who bared all for the cause, heroes all.

This musical, however, is much more than the “in the buff” scene for which it is famous; it is a tale of community which is presented well by the Director with lots of movement on the stage and many a hilarious exchange. John Clarke (James Pugh) opens the musical with an echoing a cappella before the stage is engulfed with activity. James plays the likeable and full-of-beans John with a real sensitivity as the leukaemia starts to take hold of him. James could have chosen to wear a bald skull cap to represent the results of his character’s chemotherapy but decided to have his hair, and beard, shaved off to raise money for his nominated charity, the Brain Tumour Charity, a very generous gesture. Following his death, his wife Annie (Kate Pilling), has to learn to live without her beloved “Clarkie” with the support of her WI friends. Some of the most moving solos are Kate’s and when her voice breaks with emotion in “Time Passing”, the audience can feel everything that Kate is giving to the ballad.

Annie’s best friend, Chris (Dawn Welch) is a force to be reckoned with. Fiercely loyal and full of “stupid ideas”, it is Chris’ idea to create the calendar. Dawn is wonderful. She powers up the stage whenever she is on it, but also shows a fragility in Chris’ concern over her pubescent son and her grieving friend. Dawn is able to show her range in this role and also her powerful singing voice. The family life presented by Chris, Rod (Greg Yates) and Danny (Ethan Bowley) is warm and comedic and shows contrast effectively during the split stage sequences where Annie is alone on the uncomfortable hospital sofa and the family carry on their lives at the flower shop. Greg, with his typical dad jokes, is a well needed supporting character, distracting from the pain of loss, and Ethan delights as the virginal, Head Boy wannabe. Indeed “Protect Me Less” sung with Jenny (Amy Adams) is one of the highlights for this reviewer. After the emotion of Act 1, watching two teens literally stick two fingers up at the world singing “do as I say not as I do” in response to parental control has the audience in stitches.

All of the WI main members are given their moment to tell their story, whether that’s glamourous Celia (Natalie Whittlesey), who’s so concerned that she doesn’t fit in with her husband’s golf buddies because of her former job – being an air hostess – and because they don’t like cleavage. Natalie delivers her one liners with excellent comic timing; “Beautiful’s here” being an unforgettable line when she enters the stage for the photo shoot. Cora (Heather Bustin) worries that she’s not given her son the best start in life as a single mum and is somewhat repressed by being a vicar’s daughter, and Jesse (Lynne Hill) is simply getting older, but her solo “What Age Expects” really resonates with a lot of the audience members as Lynne sings every word from the heart. Marie (Jenny Padley), as the more traditional head of the WI, struggles with the idea of the calendar, but her character arc allows her to release her fear, and sweet Ruth (Rebecca Bowley) has a hidden secret which is exposed in Act 2 as she emotionally sings “My Russian Friend and I”. Ruth finds strength she never knew she had, and watching her confidence at the end is joyful – this is what community and a stupid idea can do.

This is an outstanding show delivered passionately and professionally by the excellent cast and the superb production team of Adam Lacy Director, Charlotte Jervis Choreographer and David Easto Musical Director. The wonderfully atmospheric lighting was by Going Dark Theatrical Services. Finally full credit must be given to the behind the scenes team without whom this show would not be possible

Calendar Girls is truly uplifting and is an unmissable show. Ticket sales are very strong so if you can find a spare seat or two, I would definitely book them while you can.

Calendar Girls by the Lichfield Operatic Society runs at the Lichfield Garrick main auditorium until Saturday 6 July. The show starts at 7.30pm nightly, with a matinee on Saturday 6 July at 2.30pm. Tickets start from £24.00 and can be booked by ringing the Box Office on 01543 412121, by calling in to the Box Office on Castle Dyke, during normal opening hours, or online at:


We Will Rock You – Script Youth Musical Theatre ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We Will Rock You (young@part) – Script Youth Musical Theatre Company

Highbury Theatre

Monday 1st July 2024– Dress Rehearsal

By Nigel Gambles

Photography – Studio 55 Photography

Script Youth Musical Theatre rocked back into Highbury Theatre for Queen & Ben Elton’s best selling jukebox musical “We Will Rock You (young@part)”

Directed by Louise Farmer, choreography by Molly Chamberlain & Maddie Fleming.

Set in the future on iPlanet where all musical instruments are banned, computers generate the music and everybody downloads it. This is a world where it is cool to conform, be compliant and live your life on the internet (sounds familiar), where rock music has been long forgotten. Ruled by Killer Queen played by Louise Heard who gives a fine performance. Enter Galileo our leading man played by Kian Haden who is plagued by dreams and memories of songs long gone, he joins forces with Scaramouche played brilliantly by Aimee Whillis who has a fantastic presence and wonderful vocals delivering a great version of Somebody To Love. Aimee & Kian also deliver some stunning duets, Under Pressure and Who Wants To Live For Ever bouncing off each other well.

Together they set off on a mission to discover the last surviving instrument aided in their quest by a motley crew of Bohemians including Oz and Brit played by Evie Rice and Sam McCormack, both have a wonderful stage presence and deliver lovely vocals in “I Want It All”. For me the highlight of the show was when Evie sang “No-One But You”…. stunning is all I can say and I bet there won’t be a dry eye in the house, this will be Evie’s last show after appearing in many shows previously, a stand out performance for me was Rizzo in Grease, we wish her well for the future and hopefully will see her performing with other companies.

The second half of the show is where the magic happens, the plot becomes secondary and the hits come thick and fast with classics like We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions and of course Bohemian Rhapsody.

Special mention to Ruby Edmonds playing Buddy wonderfully.

The wonderful lighting throughout the show is provided by Going Dark Theatrical Services

Credit must also be given to all the support team without whom the show would not be possible.

This show is pure entertainment and will have you on your feet clapping and singing along.

Calamity Jane – Tudor Musical Comedy Society ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Calamity Jane – Tudor Musical Comedy 

Sutton Coldfield Town Hall

Monday 24th June 2024 – Dress Rehearsal

By Nigel Gambles

Photography – Studio 55 Photography

My memories of Calamity Jane will be pretty much the same as most peoples, Doris Day in the movie of the same name. So I sat there and waited in anticipation. Saloon singers entered the stage and began with some well know numbers “She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain” and “Home on the Range” to set the scene.

Calamity Jane, is rich and tuneful and contains many hits: The Deadwood Stage (Whip Crack Away), The Black Hills of Dakota, Just Blew In From The Windy City, A Woman’s Touch, My Love Is Higher Than A Hawk, and, of course, the Oscar winner, Secret Love. Its a wonderful score and I challenge you not to be singing along and tapping your feet after the first 10 minutes.

Full appreciation must be given to Suzanne Harris whose costumes are clever and present the types to be expected in the concept of America’s Wild West.

Ben Foulds is wry, laconic and incredibly laid back as Wild Bill Hickok. It is a performance of pure joy. He sings superbly throughout but his “My Love Is Higher Than A Hawk” is a genuine highlight and sets Act Two off beautifully. His rapport with Jonathan Blake’s Danny and Paula O’Hare’s Calamity is finely judged and ensures that the humour and the romance gets across. Jonathan is pitch perfect as Danny: the good looking Army man who knows he is good looking and expects the ladies to agree. Smart and smarmy, Jonathan’s Danny is the perfect foil for Wild Bill and the perfect objet of affection for Calamity. Alex Nash is equally perfect as Frances Fryer, and he brings a real sense of mischief, fun and subversiveness to his performance. He is incredibly musical and this shines through everything he does in remarkable and very satisfactory ways. He has a strong, true voice and every moment he is on stage is joyful.

Vanessa Blake is a delight as Katie Brown, the girl who would be a star. Her transition from scared wannabe to accomplished Deadwood diva is skilfully achieved. Her vocals in A Woman’s Touch are absolutely delicious. She has a gorgeous voice and real star appeal.

There is excellent work throughout the show from Maurice Buxton (Rattlesnake), Elizabeth Kirk (Joe), Alex Tuckwell (Hank). All provide colour, texture and interesting character work.

In the title role, Paula is well cast (although surprisingly not a blonde), and gives her all. Calamity is a part for a pretty woman who can successfully convince as a possible man; a true tomboy who can turn Princess. Paula has an easy, broad comic style, and she can punctuate jokes with aplomb, either with a deft double-take or a hard look or a nicely delivered line. Vocally, she is in good form. Her voice is as clear as a bell, especially in the number where she introduces the townsfolk: The Deadwood Stage. Her vocals in her duets with Bill and Katie were great, and those two songs were real treats.

She sings “Just Blew In From The Windy City” with vivacious determination and leads the cast in a great romp of a number which is the true highpoint of the production. Secret Love is not the peak musical moment it could be, but that is not to say Paula does not do it justice. She does.

This is a theatrical treat: a good, old fashioned musical done in a new fangled way. It’s great to hear such good songs so well sung by a cast that are truly enjoying performing. Their shear enthusiasm shines through

The band were very competent under the direction of Andrew Timmins and delivered a rousing score. Full credit to Choreographer Jenny Ashhurst and dance captain Beth Davies who delivered some fabulous dance scenes. Last but not least Director Elliot Beech  whose directorial debut this was and he certainly delivered.

For tickets click the link 👉

Bonnie & Clyde – Sutton Arts Theatre ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bonnie & Clyde – Sutton Arts Theatre

Sutton Arts Theatre

Thursday 20th June 2024 – Opening Night

By Nigel Gambles

Disclaimer: Gifted tickets in exchange for an honest review.

Before I begin, I have to say that unbelievably this was my first visit to Sutton Arts Theatre and it will not be my last. What a wonderful venue. It may not be as large as others but it has a wonderful friendly feeling.

Also this is my first time seeing Bonnie and Clyde so I was wondering how they would transpose this story to the stage.

The tale of Bonnie and Clyde is one that is fast paced, spanning a few short years, before they faced their end. The incredible songbook by Don Black and Frank Wildhorn truly made the show nothing short of spectacular

This is a dramatic retelling of the infamous story of star-crossed lovers turned ruthless outlaws on the run. While Bonnie dreams of magazine covers and stardom, Clyde fantasizes about a life of crime and driving getaway cars. When the unlikely pair fall madly in love, they embark on a journey of becoming front-page news as gun-toting criminals, as they flee the long arm of the law. Along with Clyde’s slightly more reluctant brother Buck and his god-fearing wife Blanche, the Barrow gang become some of America’s most notorious thieves and murderers, increasingly sought after by the Sheriff’s department and hurtling towards a sticky end. As the cops draw in, both Bonnie and Clyde are content with reaching their bitter end and how they lived their lives together.

The production leans into its heavily stylised 1920’s setting, both physically and audibly. The music is a real strong point, with gorgeous speak-easy style melodies combined with tongue-in-cheek lyrics about love and crime. Bonnie’s stand out ballad “Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad” in the second act, the softness and warmth of the song makes you almost want to root for this criminal duo. Clyde’s “Raise Some Hell” is incredibly powerful and shows you just how far he is willing to go to be remembered. Each song seemed to sweep you away into the roaring 20’s and the applause from the audience seemed to cement that fact and earn plenty of commendation from the audience. The set design is interesting to say the least, its really quite bare with minimal props, but the use of screens and projection helps to fill out the stage. This all helped by the very atmospheric lighting by Going Dark Theatrical Services

The stand out performances inevitably come from the brilliantly cast leads, Sophie McCoy as Bonnie and Tom Cooper as Clyde. Sophie makes the role her own. Every bit of sass, confidence, and sultriness as she needs put into this femme fatale. Tom is a powerhouse, producing a gritty yet loveable rogue. Neither of them put a foot wrong vocally, and their voices are stunning, both as a duo and individually. They have undeniable chemistry, drawing us in from their first meeting to their last breaths.

Janine Henderson is suitably frustrated as the increasingly desperate Blanche, while Dan McCloskey gives both a powerful and skulking interpretation of loyal brother ‘Buck’ Barrow.

Olly Foster and Paul Atkins lead a fabulous ensemble with some jaw-dropping vocals as the Deputy and Preacher respectively.

Bonnie & Clyde is a show that raises hell and leaves you remembering the story of this iconic killer duo. It puts what we have learnt in stories and books onto a stage to a killer soundtrack that everyone will be singing for days after

Emily Armstrong as the director of this show should be extremely proud as this is certainly a production that could be put on in the West End. Nick Allen, the musical director ensures that the orchestra give their all to wonderful effect

For Tickets click the link 👉

Shrek -Trinity Players ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shrek – Trinity Players

Sutton Coldfield Town Hall

Tuesday 4th June 2024 – Dress Rehearsal

By Nigel Gambles

Photography – Lee Williams Photography

The musical is based on the film, Shrek, with music and lyrics written by David Lindsay-Abaire and Jeanine Tesori.  Shrek the ogre finds himself on a life changing journey, accompanied by a wisecracking Donkey, to rescue the feisty Princess Fiona from her tower.  All the characters are here, including Gingy, Pinocchio, the three blind mice, Dragon and of course that ‘short’ tempered baddie, Lord Farquaad.

In true tradition, the show starts at the very beginning with us seeing the 7 year olds, Young Shrek and Princess Fiona being abandoned by their parents – bit cruel – but never fear, as in all fairytales we know there’s going to be a happy ending, right?

Young Shrek is nicely played by Lexi Roberts and Young Fiona is beautifully played by Eliza Bullock who has terrific vocals (Nicole Bradbury also plays this role in other performances). Also, little shout out to Erin Freeman & Isobel Clinton as Teen Fiona (in different performances) who prove that there’s no such thing as a small part.

The Trinity Players ensemble really comes into its own with the portrayal of fabulous fairytale characters with Pinocchio, Gingy, the Three Little Pigs and the Three Blind Mice (Charlotte Askew, Robyn Klein-Cristoffels, Rachel Tucker, James Thomas,Tina Romano, Leigh-Ann James, Amy Homer, Deanne Brown) all making their mark and huge credit must go to the Make Up Artists who have done such great work here. The set looks great and costumes all look spellbindingly wonderful. Story of My Life is a great number for all the characters to shine with some lovely choreography. Freak Flag is another great ensemble number with plenty of laughs.

Shrek, of course, is the larger than life star of the show and Tom Wells completely owns this part. His sidekick, Donkey, is probably best known from the film version of Shrek for the voice talents of Eddie Murphy and Ravin Thakrar gives as good as he gets from his portrayal of the annoyingly hyper-active, pain-in-the-butt travel companion. Rebecca Perry grabs the role of the feisty Princess Fiona with gusto and really shows off her comedic talents, not least in the scene with Shrek where they have a burp/fart off competition.  I mean, who doesn’t love a fart gag?  Her Morning Person number also gave us lots of laughs.

There are some great stand out performances from the rest of the cast, and Sammi Kelly-Griggs was a super sassy, sexy and soulful sensation as Dragon, however, scene stealer of the night has to go to Dan McCloskey who completely embodies the part of vain and arrogant, Lord Farquaad.  In a brilliant display of character acting, Dan takes on this role with absolute glee and with all the complications that must entail with playing such a physical role, really nailed it. The What’s Up Duloc number is just an hilarious delight.

Finally full credit must be giving to the production team (Director Richard McNally-Reilly, Producer Lewis Wescott, Choreographer Leigh-Ann James and Musical Director Peter Bushby) who have definitely worked their magic to make this such a professional and enjoyable show.

Kinky Boots – Sutton Coldfield Musical Theatre Company ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kinky Boots – Sutton Coldfield Musical Theatre Company

Lichfield Garrick Theatre

Monday 20th May 2024 – Dress Rehearsal

By Nigel Gambles

Photography – Studio 55 Photography

Ever since Sutton Coldfield Musical Theatre Company (SCMTC) announced they were taking on the production of ‘Kinky Boots’, I have really been looking forward to it (I’ve never seen it before). Following their superb ‘Shrek’ last year, I was sure that the audience were in for something special with this feel-good story from the pen of Tim Firth – and I was definitely not disappointed.

The story tells the tale of Charlie Price who is thrust into the running and ownership of his family’s shoe business – Price and Co following the unexpected death of his father. Unbeknown to him, the company is not doing well and a chance meeting with a drag queen Lola puts the seed of an idea in Charlie’s mind about how he may revive the company’s fortunes and save the jobs of the workers.

Patrick Jervis and Daniel Surj are outstanding in the roles of Charlie Price and Lola aka Simon and they both sing the roles with heart, honesty, and warmth. The nuances that they bring to the roles is not to be underestimated, this takes significant acting skill. Charlie battles his own demons and Patrick captures this sensitively with his acting and singing performances. It is very easy to overdo the role of Lola down to the cross-dressing element – and to play it for laughs. Daniel brings the sassy, comedic warmth to the character while maintaining the sense of torment and resentment Simon carries with him from the rejection he got from his father as a younger man. Charlotte Jervis also gave a brilliant performance of Lauren, and really embodied her character and her performance of ‘Wrong Guys’ was fantastic and had the audience in stitches as the loved-up worker chased after Charlie.

Kerrie Penrice as director in her first production for SCMTC draws on her experience directing for the youth company to bring the story to the audience and the show stopping dance numbers choreographed by Maggie Jackson are superb. Land of Lola and the finale of act one are as accomplished as any professional production that I have seen.

The set, costumes and props are all appropriate and would not look out of place in a touring production.The lighting by Going DarkTheatrical Services is glitzy and glamourous as it should be when appropriate.

There is not a weak link in this performance from the two boys who played the younger incarnations of Charlie (Ewan Tall) and Simon (Joe Thomas) alongside Mr Price Sr (John Johnson) and Simon’s Dad (Mark Wright) through all the magnificent angels including all the factory workers. Particular praise goes to Paul Lumsden who performed the unenviable role of roughty toughty straight man, Don, and Sarah Jordan in her role as the equally unlikeable Nicola.

The night ended with the entire cast wearing the iconic kinky boots and strutting their stuff

The performance would not be complete without the superb orchestra who were outstanding and brilliant, Musical Director Sheila Pearson and Musical Director/Conductor Andy Timmins.

Anything Goes – Manor Musical Theatre Company ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Anything Goes – Manor Musical Theatre Company
Sutton Coldfield Town Hall
Tuesday 7th May 2024 – Dress Rehearsal
By Nigel Gambles
Photography – Studio 55 Photography

Manor Musical Theatre Company have done themselves proud. Anything Goes, this year’s production of choice is a superb showcase of rich talent and enduring passion. Overseen by the Directors, Pam & James Garrington,  the production is confident, powerful and brimming with enthusiasm and joy.

It is also packed with transporting, clever Porter classics: I Get a Kick Out of You; You’re the Top; It’s De-Lovely.

Set on an ocean liner the SS American, bound from New York to London, Anything Goes follows the madcap antics of those on board. Central is Billy Crocker, a charming young stowaway who has fallen in love with wealthy heiress Hope Harcourt (played by Sasha Barnes), who is already engaged to an English aristocrat Lord Evelyn Oakleigh (played by Matt Cotter). Crocker is played expertly by Dan Barnes, while Leigh-Ann James effortlessly embodies Reno Sweeney, a nightclub singer who assists Billy in his bid to win Hope’s heart.

Paul Wescott as public enemy number 13 – Moonface Martin showing his  comic side gives an easygoing, shoulder-rolling, soft-shoe-shuffling performance as low-league criminal Moonface Martin that reminds you what a pro he is. His duet with Leigh- Ann James on the song Friendship is a playful delight

Sasha Barnes provides an outstanding rendition of Harcourt. Her acting style is sensitive, congenial and expressive, providing her scenes with sophistication and warmth. Dan Barnes’s rendition of Crocker is rich with boyish charm and a strong sense of fun.

Sarah Watts is a sultry Erma , who is having a ball playing the ships sailors  off against one another for her hand in marriage, while also warning them that she is not easily pleased. Sarah is  amusing, endearing and unsettling in her command of young men’s hearts.

Also strong is Paul Stewart, playing the Ship’s Captain, his performance is very assured. Mary Singh, who plays the Ship’s Purser, offering a comedic and charismatic performance.

But the best songs and the biggest moments belong to Leigh-Ann James as Reno and she knocks them out the park

While the acting quality is compelling across the whole cast, this is a musical, and the musical facet of this production is exquisite thanks to musical director Peter Bushby. The orchestra lays on melodious accompaniment throughout, which makes the actors’ and actresses’ performances shine all the more. Sound and lighting move in tandem with the onrushing of the plot, guiding the production from each set-piece scene to the next. The setting of an ocean liner is great in its design, owing to the diligent work of stage manager Lewis Wescott and the back stage team

Perhaps most striking in this production is the use of dance, choreographed skillfully by Isabelle Larkin. The professionalism and passion each cast member demonstrates is truly stirring, with evident care made to ensure a smooth run. Each radiant scene glides into the next, moving with water’s easy tread and supple fluidity. The dancing scenes are elegant, and subtle yet profound – they are in their execution quite simply excellent.


Are you ready? Something fabulous to ‘raise you up’ is strutting its way to Lichfield – Kinky Boots, the musical!

Based on the Miramax film of the same name – which, in-turn, is based on the true story of how a drag performer helped transform the fortunes of a failing Northamptonshire shoe factory – this sparkling comedy musical comes to Lichfield Garrick Theatre for just one week next month.

With music by, 80s pop favourite, Cyndi Lauper, written by Tim Firth (The Full Monty, Calendar Girls, among others) with Geoff Deane, and book by, Tony Award winning actor and playwright, Harvey Fierstein, the show heralds Sutton Coldfield Musical Theatre Company’s (SCMTC) return to the Garrick, following last year’s success with Shrek the Musical.

The show is directed by Kerrie Penrice who has long been a part of SCMTC taking on multiple leading roles. She also directed its youth company’s award-nominated production of Peter Pan a Musical Adventure.

Now the award-winning company – which celebrated its 90th anniversary last year – is proud to have Kerrie at the helm for this utterly glamorous, fun, and heart-warming offering.

Kerrie said: “Kinky Boots is a delight from start to finish, so I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to direct this show. From the curtain raising through to the last moment, expect glitz, glamour, larger-than-life characters with costumes to match, pathos and heartfelt human emotion, stemming from a real story of ordinary people who did something extraordinary.

“I know this show will have audiences up on their feet dancing, singing along and crying with both laughter and a little sadness before leaving feeling truly uplifted. Kinky Boots really is an all-round feel-good show that audiences will love – and it comes with a troop of dancing drag queens to ‘BOOT’! What’s not to like?”

Kerrie is joined on the production team for this show by SCMTC’s stalwart choreographer, Maggie Jackson, and musical director, Sheila Pearson; both of whom have an extensive track-record of bringing together vibrant song and dance routines for the company. Of course, Kinky Boots is no different!

So, don’t delay, get those Kinky Boots on and march on down to Lichfield Garrick to catch this uplifting and hilarious show from 21-25 May.

Tickets are available online at or via the Lichfield Garrick box office by phoning 01543 412121.

Calamity Jane – Tudor Musical Comedy Society

We are thrilled to announce that following in the footsteps of our award winning production of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”  that we are bringing “Calamity Jane” to the historic Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Hall on Tuesday 25th – Saturday 29th June 2024. We are then so proud that we have been given the opportunity to bring the magical musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to the Town Hall in mid March 2025.
I couldn’t be prouder of the cast for all they are doing. They truly are such an incredibly talented group of individuals.
TMCS pride ourselves on being an inclusive society – we have members from all walks or life from all different backgrounds. We do not discriminate and have a key focus on family.
We also pride ourselves on giving back to the community when able to do so, we recently did this attending two care homes last week (one article from that day is here:, we have another two homes lined up in May.
It is off the back of this that I couldn’t be happier to welcome back Rebecca Palmer as our BSL (British Sign Language) performer on Thursday 27th June 2024! It means the world to us that we are able to offer these opportunities and give experiences to audience members that are not able to readily access these as they should.
Tickets are currently available at
For tickets specifically reserved for the deaf and hard of hearing we are asking individuals to contact 07842 214631 (text/whatsapp etc).
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