Dare To Trick or Treat

Thursday night saw On The Breadlines annual dare to trick or treat event raising money for local charities this years chosen charity is the YMCA in Sutton Coldfield

All the children who attended came away with a goodie bag and all money from bread and cake sales went to the charity along with donations

Sebastian said  “we raised an amazing £463 for YMCA Sutton Coldfield…Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for there kind donation and hope everyone enjoy the evening. It’s just going to get better next year… 💀 💀 💀”

Anita Ellis from YMCA Sutton Coldfield quoted

“That’s absolutely fantastic Sebastian, thank you so very much. The work you put in to this event is incredible; from preparing all the bakes, the gorgeous goody bags for the kids and all the effort you went to with with the decorations, the attention to detail with every single part of the event is remarkable. What a wonderful thing to do for charity and for the local community. We are so very grateful for all your efforts, you really are amazing! 😊🙏 👍 👏

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