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Guidelines For Visitors To Aston Wood Business Club

  • Meetings are held every Friday at Aston Wood Golf Club, post code, and three words attached along with a map
  • The visitors business category must be eligible
  • Visitors may visit Aston Wood Business Club twice during these visits you will be able to do a two minute talk on your business – what’s happening and what sort of introductions you are looking for.
  • If you decide you want to join AWBC, on your third visit you will be required to do a five minute presentation on your business and what you can bring to AWBC
  • You will be expected to attend all meetings and in the case you cannot attend you will be expected to supply a substitute
  • A full English breakfast will be served, if you have any dietary requirements please inform us ahead of the meeting.

Sample Agenda

7.10 – Welcome To Members & Guests

  Education Slot

  Two Minute Talks


  Feature Presentation

  Contributions – Referrals & Testimonials

  Membership Info and AOB

  Social Events

8.45 – Close

Handy hints

Here’s a checklist of activities you could go through at the start of your meeting. They give you a clear summary of what everyone should expect to be able to do, and how they can expect to be treated.

Ask yourself ‘Have I…’

• Checked the agenda

  • Made notes on what I want to say
  • Got written responses to anything I’ve been asked to reply to
  • Arranged to be there for the whole meeting

Tell yourself ‘I will…..’

  • Really listen to what people say
  • Leave me own problems at the door
  • Make my criticisms constructively
  • Make at least one well prepared contribution
  • Enjoy myself

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