Sutton Coldfield BID Plans for 2022


The Sutton Coldfield BID has worked and continues to work closely with Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council who have been leading the way in the preparation of the Sutton Coldfield Town Centre Masterplan, working in partnership with stakeholders such as Gbslep Growth Hub and Birmingham City Council community organisations, and Transport for West Midlands.
Statement from BID
“Through these relationships the BID has not only represented business interests but has generated and coordinated practical and financial support for businesses, influenced development plans for the future of the town.
The collective voice of businesses working together translates into productive relationships and outcomes, and when working with other organisations and public bodies, the ability to influence more strategic issues such as the redevelopment of the town centre.
The BID plan for 2022-2027 has been developed to ensure it:
✅ Is balanced to cover all business sectors
✅ Seeks to create and take advantage of new opportunities
✅ Remains relevant and has deliverable and achievable objectives
✅ Tackles issues identified by businesses with the aim of creating a positive and more profitable trading environment”
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Sutton Coldfield Town Centre BID

The current Sutton Coldfield Town Centre BID term is due to end on 31st December 2021 and must undergo a Renewal. Businesses within the BID area have the opportunity to support a third five-year term.
There have been many challenges throughout the last few years that have impacted Sutton Coldfield town centre. The retail industry has changed beyond measure – this is why it is even more important to work together to ensure we all get it right for the future.
Through a business-led programme, the BID’s vision is to work with others to define, develop and promote the identity of Sutton Coldfield which reflects its strengths, characteristics and heritage and is a safe and vibrant place generating pride for its businesses, residents and visitors.
Angela Henderson, Chair of Sutton Coldfield Town Centre BID, said:
“By collaborating with Sutton Coldfield Town Council and Birmingham City Council on delivering and promoting the town’s master plan we have a unique opportunity to survive huge changes and have a say in future changes.”
This is why we need you to #VoteYESsuttoncoldfieldBID to ensure that the business people in the town have a voice and ensure that we end up with a town fit for purpose.
Renewal information has been sent to all eligible businesses, so make sure to return your paper so we can continue to have a collective business voice in the town centre.
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