On 14th May 1940 the Government appealed for able bodied men aged 17 to 65 to enlist in the Local Defence Volunteers to defend the British Isles against the imminent threat of German invasion.

One quarter of a million men volunteered in the first 24 hours. Men from all walks of life – some retired, some in reserved occupations such as engineering, construction and coal mining, many had served in the Great War 1914 -1918. It was not unusual to be working 40 – 60 – 80 hours each week and then volunteer additionally for the Home Guard as the LDV was later renamed.

Throughout the duration of active service from 14th May 1940 to 31st December 1944  men killed in action or deceased from wounds totalled 1206, more than 6000 men were wounded and 1033 men were awarded decorations and honours.

On Sunday 14th May 2023 Staffordshire Regiment Museum is hosting a Discovery Day to celebrate the 83rd Anniversary of the formation of the Home Guard.

Enthusiastic groups, re-enactors and volunteers are already planning their contribution for the day. Home Front folk are encouraged to join in whether ARP, Land Army,  WVS,  Police, Fire Service. All are welcome to help celebrate this special day. 

We specifically want to encourage local people who had relatives in the Home Guard to come along on 14th May with photos, stories and memorabilia of their family member’s wartime history to share with Museum staff, volunteers and all our visitors.

The Anniversary Day pays tribute to the 1.7 Million Home Guard volunteers.

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