The Mint Theatre Society – The Christmas Elves

The Mint Theatre Society

Wylde Green United Reform Church

Saturday 23rd November

I am new to “The Mint Theatre Company” a pop-up theatre group who perform their shows in unlikely venues such as village halls, church halls. I will say now Im a new recruit to their following and will definitely be going to future productions.

Their latest production “popped up” in what I believe is a new venue Wylde Green United Reform Church Hall. Although it has a stage that is about it, and that it’s self is pretty small with very little space for props to be stored until required, no stage lighting to add that ambiance. As always what scenery, props etc need to fit in the back of a car to be taken to the next venues.

The show is a take on the “The Christmas Elves and the Shoemaker” tale given a seasonal twist by director Liz Daly to deliver a festive family tale full of morels and a charm of its own, the basic message is it is better to be kind and help others than to be selfish and nasty.. and I’ll drink to that !

Our story starts in Santas workshop, where Santa is demanding the Elves work harder and longer hours to get everything ready for Christmas. This sparks our stars Sage (played by David Stonehouse) and Onion into action, Onion (wonderfully played by Alex Howell) being the shop steward for the National Union of Elves citing elf and safety and organises a mass walkout well two man walk. We then follow Sage and Onions adventures in the real world helping Peter the shoemaker (played by Ian Toulouse) who is struggling to pay his rent by creating shoes whilst he is asleep and the all the repercussions that produces.

We are treated to a number of classic pantomime routines, amusing the adults and bringing laughter from the children. With this being a story about Elves and Shoemakers we are treated to a number of appearances from the like of Lady Mariah of Carey  played by Charlotte Ball who gives us a wonderful rendition of “All I want for Christmas is Shoes” we also meet Nancy Shoenatra (played by Liz Daly) who manages to entertain us with…yes “These Boots Were Made For Walking” and finally Elfis (played by David Daly) treating us to plenty of Elfish puns and songs including…”Blue Suede Shoes” you can see a theme appearing can’t you?  we are also treated to some lovely tap by Ellie Ball who happens to have happy feet and is also “Rocking around The Christmas Tree”

Although it was a small audience the cast did a fantastic job filling the hall with enthusiasm  and plenty of feel good factor.

This was a fantastic production and wonderfully and enthusiastically delivered, I would recommend any families looking for a pre Christmas laugh and treat to go along to one of the next performances at either Shenstone Village Hall on Friday, 29 November and Stonnall Village Hall on Saturday, 30 November.



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