Sutton Coldfield Town Centre BID

The current Sutton Coldfield Town Centre BID term is due to end on 31st December 2021 and must undergo a Renewal. Businesses within the BID area have the opportunity to support a third five-year term.
There have been many challenges throughout the last few years that have impacted Sutton Coldfield town centre. The retail industry has changed beyond measure – this is why it is even more important to work together to ensure we all get it right for the future.
Through a business-led programme, the BID’s vision is to work with others to define, develop and promote the identity of Sutton Coldfield which reflects its strengths, characteristics and heritage and is a safe and vibrant place generating pride for its businesses, residents and visitors.
Angela Henderson, Chair of Sutton Coldfield Town Centre BID, said:
“By collaborating with Sutton Coldfield Town Council and Birmingham City Council on delivering and promoting the town’s master plan we have a unique opportunity to survive huge changes and have a say in future changes.”
This is why we need you to #VoteYESsuttoncoldfieldBID to ensure that the business people in the town have a voice and ensure that we end up with a town fit for purpose.
Renewal information has been sent to all eligible businesses, so make sure to return your paper so we can continue to have a collective business voice in the town centre.
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