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Shrek The Musical – Script Youth Musical Theatre

Highbury Theatre

Monday 13th December (Dress Rehearsal)

By Nigel Gambles

Photography – Nigel Gambles Photography

After a delay of some 18 months due to the pandemic we are finally ready to be taken to the Kingdom of Duloc and a nearby “Stinky Swamp”. Yes its’s time to meet up with your friendly neighbourhood ogre and his friend donkey along with Princess Fiona and Lord Farquaaad, played by Harry R, Beth, Louisa and Finlay.

In a nutshell the story pretty much follows that of the film, Shrek’s swamp home is invaded by fairytale refugees banished from Duloc after being persuaded by them to visit Farquaad and regain his swamp. On the way he meets up with a very talkative donkey once there Farquaad demands that he rescues Princess Fiona from a dragon protected keep

Harry R plays Shrek perfectly and seems very at home with the role, Beth is superb as donkey her voice and acting excellent, but to me Finlay stole the show as the manipulative Farquaad his portrayal being slight manic with a camp edge also spending the whole performance on his knees “this had me wishing that I could manage a couple of minutes.” Louisa played a spirited Fiona. They were all supported by an excellent and enthusiastic cast with Sophia’s Pinocchio and Josef’s Big Bad wolf leading them.

This is a young cast who all performed with enthusiasm  with on the whole strong and clear vocals.

I would recommend you grab the chance to see this lovely show and support this youth company. The show runs until Saturday with some tickets still available via 👇


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