We Will Rock You


Sutton Coldfield Musical Youth Theatre will be celebrating a different kind of Queen this jubilee year when it returns to The Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Hall with the smash-hit musical, We Will Rock You.

Based on the music of Queen, and written by Ben Elton, this rock musical is a futuristic fairytale set in 300 years’ time where the corporate world dominates.

The earth has been renamed iPlanet, is controlled by the Globalsoft Corporation, and the sinister Killer Queen has banned all non-computer generated music. She has heard of a prophecy that lost musical instruments are hidden on the planet and will be returned to the people. She makes it her mission, with her chief of police, to stop the instruments being found, in a bid to thwart a rebellion.

So, it is down to young student Galileo to ‘break free’ from the corporate world, evade the Killer Queen, and finally bring music back to the people in this rock fantasy tale.

Fresh from its run with Little Shop of Horrors, the award-winning Sutton Coldfield Musical Youth Theatre is back at the Town Hall with this out-of-this-world musical from 18-22 October 2022. Book your We Will Rock You tickets now!

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