This Is Celine



`This Is Celine`, the UK`s ultimate tribute show to song goddess Celine Dion, comes to Sutton Coldfield Town Hall this November.

Starring Leanne Love as Celine Dion, `This Is Celine` is the closest to Celine as you can possibly get. Not only does she really sound like her with that recognisable voice, she has a stunning resemblance too.

Leanne Love is a big Celine fan and always has a well-rehearsed performance complete with the polished French-Canadian accent delivering hit after hit to delighted audiences.

All the wonderful hits as made famous by the `Queen of Power Ballads` will be showcased, including “Because You Loved Me”, “Its All Coming Back To Me Now”, “I`m Alive”, “The Power Of Love” and many, many more.

The all-time classics “My Heart Will Go On” and “Think Twice” will, of course, also feature and together with an accomplished five-piece band and costume changes, will bring an unforgettable evening of Celine Dion music to the Sutton Coldfield Town Hall stage.

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