We Will Rock You – Script Youth Musical Theatre ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We Will Rock You (young@part) – Script Youth Musical Theatre Company

Highbury Theatre

Monday 1st July 2024– Dress Rehearsal

By Nigel Gambles

Photography – Studio 55 Photography

Script Youth Musical Theatre rocked back into Highbury Theatre for Queen & Ben Elton’s best selling jukebox musical “We Will Rock You (young@part)”

Directed by Louise Farmer, choreography by Molly Chamberlain & Maddie Fleming.

Set in the future on iPlanet where all musical instruments are banned, computers generate the music and everybody downloads it. This is a world where it is cool to conform, be compliant and live your life on the internet (sounds familiar), where rock music has been long forgotten. Ruled by Killer Queen played by Louise Heard who gives a fine performance. Enter Galileo our leading man played by Kian Haden who is plagued by dreams and memories of songs long gone, he joins forces with Scaramouche played brilliantly by Aimee Whillis who has a fantastic presence and wonderful vocals delivering a great version of Somebody To Love. Aimee & Kian also deliver some stunning duets, Under Pressure and Who Wants To Live For Ever bouncing off each other well.

Together they set off on a mission to discover the last surviving instrument aided in their quest by a motley crew of Bohemians including Oz and Brit played by Evie Rice and Sam McCormack, both have a wonderful stage presence and deliver lovely vocals in “I Want It All”. For me the highlight of the show was when Evie sang “No-One But You”…. stunning is all I can say and I bet there won’t be a dry eye in the house, this will be Evie’s last show after appearing in many shows previously, a stand out performance for me was Rizzo in Grease, we wish her well for the future and hopefully will see her performing with other companies.

The second half of the show is where the magic happens, the plot becomes secondary and the hits come thick and fast with classics like We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions and of course Bohemian Rhapsody.

Special mention to Ruby Edmonds playing Buddy wonderfully.

The wonderful lighting throughout the show is provided by Going Dark Theatrical Services

Credit must also be given to all the support team without whom the show would not be possible.

This show is pure entertainment and will have you on your feet clapping and singing along.

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