West Side Story 5⭐️

West Side Story – Trinity Players

Sutton Coldfield Town Hall

Monday 6th June

By Nigel Gambles

Photography – Nigel Gambles Photography

Trinity Players are back at the Town Hall with their production of one of the most memorable musical’s of all time “West Side Story” We were lucky enough to be at the Dress Rehearsal on Monday and wow are you in for a treat.

This epic love story surrounded by hatred, violence and prejudice is as popular as ever especially in the light of the recent movie re-make.

Trinity tackle this show with true professionalism, set in New York City two rival street gangs the Jets and the Sharks battle it out as two young lovers get caught in the crossfire.

I don’t think you could get a better Maria and Tony ( Libby Buick and Dan Barnes). Libby portrays Maria with such softness and grace her singing voice is superb, Dan plays Tony in a plain speaking and down to earth way of someone trying to escape the ties of gang life.

Ross Gilby who plays Bernardo, Maria’s over bearing and very protective brother hits the mark perfectly portrayed with subtle arrogance and aggression.

The singing and dancing of the supporting cast is fantastic full of life, enthusiasm and energy.

For me the highlight scene has to be the one on the fire escape, at this point I have to mention the amazing set. It has to be one of the best I have seen at the Town Hall and perfectly portrays the rundown feel of the New York tenements. Tony climbs to Marias window where she is singing Tonight, picked out perfectly by a soft spotlight, as Tony joins in and we get a beautiful duet.

I can’t finish this review without mentioning the “Rumble” expertly choreographed by Natalie Haslam with the fight scene seeming specially realistic.

Congratulations to directors Matthew Collins on his directorial debut and to Jennifer Holyhead for bringing this show to life. Its spectacular yes we all know most of the songs but here they are performed with passion and energy by a totally amazing cast.

If you have not already then get your tickets now there are a few remaining so hurry.


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